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Gathering the shit from Neo and making it look a little organized.


When an evil Communist appears on the scene, our heros are called to action! They are called the Bro-Rangers, and with their supply of Browahs and Brobilitys, they bro more Bro-Puns then you can find in a Encybropedia's Brocabulary. Bro-k?


The Brologue Part 1

The Brologue Part 2

Season 1

01. Magical Appearing Wise Man

02. Damn Random Encounters

03. The Scarlet Warrior

04. Well that was a nice distraction

05. Enter the Brocave

06. The Bag of Holding

07. The Reveal

08. Screwing the Rules

09. Hect!k Shit goin down

10. Because I Can

11. Those Other Guys

12. Damn TWEWY-Verse Muddling

13. Asploding Chokoreeto

14. Back at Base

15. Scarbro does have Powers

16. Mission Impossible

17. Flashback Time

18. Calling in Backup

19. Need a New Slogan

20. Meanwhile, at the Bro-Cave

21. Didnt See That Coming

22. The Rise of Lord Laziness

23. Back in Action

24. Oh Snap

25. Couldn't Resist

Bonus 1. Behind the Scenes of Bro-Rangers

26. Adorable Little Evil

27. Do You Even Remember Who This Character Is?

28. Well Its True.

29. Kill It With Fire

30. Prease Dunt Say You Arr Lazy

31. It Had to Happen

32. And Now We'll Actually Do Something

33. Dealing with it

34. Resolution

Season 2

35. You Saw This Coming

36. A New Plot Begins!

37. Adventure in the Streets

38. The Girl, the Ghost, and the other Girl

39. Rangers, Assemble!

40. Easter Not-So-Special

41. Not Much of a River

42. Lescue Lescue Timu

Bonus 2. The New Members of the Bro-Rangers Cast

43. Back to Normal

44. The Smartest Man in the World 

45. Comedy Gold

46.  A Team Formed in a Street Past School Hours

47. A Phantasmical Carnival 

48. Unproudly Sponsored by Coca-Cola 

49. I Can't Think of an Issue Name 

50. Mail Day 

51. Why Drugs are Bad

52. Work Ethic

53. Spot the Joke

54. What Antagonist are we up to again?

55. Because I needed Filler

56. Prelims Are Gooo!

57. The Combatants Gather

58. Shibuya's Strongest

59. The Battle Royale Begins

60. Kanbro vs Pheonyx

61. The Battle Royale Actually Begins 

62. Rabro vs Kluck 

63. Easter 2012

64. The Twins of Something or Other 

65. The Ultimate Test of the Mind

66. Ellie vs Tenho

67. Climatic Anti Climax

68. The Ones in the Shadows

69. Curcubita Vs Mikachu

70. Yelling is Manly

71. The 3rd Birthday - Prologue

72. The 3rd Birthday - Part One

73. The 3rd Birthday - Part Two

74. The 3rd Birthday - Part Three

75. The 3rd Birthday - Part Four

76. The 3rd Birthday - Part Five

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