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Gathering the shit from Neo and making it look a little organized.


SEAAOM follows the story of Shuto 'Shooter' Dan as he travels to defeat Yammer in a Tin-Pin Slam-Off! But nothing is that simple, as Joshua decided to take over the world


SEAAOM: After Story

Starting directly after the events of Season 1, After Story focuses on the battles against the Sexy Suit Five as they try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD... of Tin-Pin. Featuring old faces and new stars, After Story is an exciting addition to the SEAAOM Saga and is not to be missed!


Yellow After: It's a Wonderful World/Life

The 3rd Installment in the SEAAOM Saga, Yellow After follows new lead Yellow as he heads to stop Mr H once and for all! Featuring returning characters and some new faces, the final battle for the world begins!



The Journey that started it all, SEAAOM:EX looks into the 7 days before SEAAOM.
Mr. H has traveled back into the past to prevent it, but what will happen?


SEAAOM: Another Epilogue

Kanon's way of ending a series


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